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Your New Jersey Dentist in West Orange, NJ

Chusid Dental Group in West Orange, NJ

Dr. Michael Chusid is the West Orange dentist dedicated to providing dental care for families that is focused on the unique, individual needs of each patient that walks through his doors. Our goal at Chusid Dental Group is to be the dental practice trusted and known throughout New Jersey for the bright, beautiful and overall healthy smiles for our patients.

At Chusid Dental Group, we offer patients a complete range of services, including general, cosmetic dentistry, and sedation dentistry.  We know each of our patients from Livingston, West Orange, Short Hills, Montclair, Verona and the rest of New Jersey is unique with individual needs, so we don’t provide a one-style-fits-all dental approach. Rather, we create a unique blueprint for dental health and happiness for each and every patient, giving everyone the best possible care under the Chusid Dental Group roof.

Our goal is to provide care, compassion, comfort, and competence, while going beyond general dentistry. We offer West Orange and surrounding cities cosmetic dentistry work that is second to none with smiles that look like they came from Hollywood.  Cosmetic dentistry is not only more simple and easy now than ever before, but we offer flexible plans that make an amazing smile affordable for almost any budget.  We would love to work with you and your family to determine exactly what the right procedure might be to have you always showing your best smile!

Chusid Dental is within 10 miles of:
•West Orange, NJ
•Livingston, NJ
•Short Hills, NJ
•Montclair, NJ
•Verona, NJ
•East Orange, NJ
•Bloomfield, NJ
•Newark, NJ

Did you know that millions of Americans suffer from dental anxiety – that’s an epidemic! Chusid Dental Group is a strong advocate for sedation dentistry. We see fearful patients from Short Hills, Verona, Livingston, and from even farther because of our expertise in sedation dentistry. While there are a million reasons why someone might fear a sit in dentist chair, we have a proven solution!  We want people to know that we can help you master your fears through many different sedation dental options ranging from Intravenous (IV), oral (pill) sedation, or classic laughing gas.  With sedation dentistry, many patients don’t even remember being at the dentist!

Now Offering Pinhole Surgery Technique as Seen on The Doctors!

“When you come here, your comfort is paramount, every bit as important as giving you the best dental care you can get. If you leave feeling
anxious or nervous about your next appointment, then I feel like I didn’t give you the care you deserve. When you come to Chusid Dental
Group, I’m going to do whatever it takes to make your visit as easy as possible.” -Dr. Michael Chusid

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See Why Patients Are Choosing Us!

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Relaxation is Key

Dental fears or anxiety should not stand in the way of having a healthy mouth. Chusid Dental Group offers sedation dentistry for an even more relaxing and completely pain free treatment. Sedation dentistry is a pain-free method using medications that have an amnesic effect, allowing you to have very little recollection of even visiting the dentist office. Visits feel short and the recovery is rapid.  With sedation dentistry, years of dental neglect can be reversed in one session!

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A Practice Built on Healthy Roots

“Chusid Dental Group is constantly expanding and changing to accommodate the needs of our patients and their families. We strive to balance technology, competence and comforting care that benefits our patients by inspiring them to come back and maintain their oral health. We are always ready to welcome new patients into our practice.”
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